What is the VICH Outreach Forum?

The VICH Outreach Forum is a VICH initiative with the main objective of providing a basis for wider international harmonization of technical requirements, improve information exchange and raise awareness of VICH and VICH guidelines with non-VICH countries/regions.

The Outreach Forum is composed of countries and regional organisations that have expressed an interest in the work of VICH and are motivated to participate in the activities of the VICH Outreach Forum.  Currently approximately 14 countries and 4 regional organisations are participating (or have been invited).

The VICH Outreach Forum meets in the margins of VICH Steering Committee meetings, which take place approximately every 9 months in one of the VICH member countries/regions.  The Forum meetings are chaired by the VICH host country in collaboration with OIE, recognising the OIE’s membership in VICH as well as its broader mandate.

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